Georgy has been with us since Friday and we are head over heels in love. She is so bright and came to us with the ability to adapt to ever changing experiences, including this morning's thunderstorm. She bonded well with us, and shows no fear. Because of that and her natural curiosity, she's free to explore and play, eat, and take rests in her closed crate when she's tired (and when we need her to be safe). Thank you Megan, you are a perfect First Alpha Mom. Acadia Goldendoodles is the BEST! — Lynn and Wayne Robbins.

This is CLOVER, a Lulu & JD puppy.  She has been trained as a Diabetic Alert Dog and lives in South Dakota with her boy, River, who has Type 1 Diabetes.  She alerts his parents or caregiver when his blood sugar is on it’s way up or down. We are so proud of the life-saving work she is doing!  See their story HERE.  There is also a Facebook page about River.

       First off, thank you for raising such an amazing puppy.  MAUI is so well behaved.  He fits in our family perfectly.  He even sits already.  You must have taught him that.  He is such a pleaser and a snuggle monster.
       We spoiled him for two days, but now we are trying to work with him so he is adjusted when we go to work.  My husband is already going to change his schedule at work to add more at home hours, because "Maui needs his people."
       The trainer came yesterday and did a little assessment on him and couldn’t believe how mellow and calm he was.  She asked me.  Was this puppy selected just for you?  He is perfect for a first-time puppy owner.  I said YES!
        I will keep you posted — it is a lot of work, mostly with the potty spot!  But he is a dream.  Thank you for all your hard work and for getting MAUI off to such a great start.  And give his mom a kiss for us. She did a great job!

                                                                -- Michelle, John, Molly, Emily & Bella

Hi Megan, 
 I just wanted to send along some pictures of our sweet Roo. She has been such a sweet girl and gets along with her brother Mayer perfectly. She started her puppy training classes last week and the trainer fell absolutely in love with her and let us know what a smart girl she was. She is growing like a weed. Last week she weighed in at 16lbs, we'll see next week what she is up to her at her next vet apt! 
She loves to play fetch in the park across from my house and can usually out run me all day until bed time. :)   Thanks again!   --Charli 

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