Goldendoodle Association of North America

A $500.00, non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy.

The balance, plus Maine sales tax of 5.5% is due two weeks prior to pick-up day if using a personal check
.  Cash, cashier's checks and payments made through PayPal or Venmo will be accepted until the day of pick up.

Contracts/Warranties will be signed by both breeder and buyer at the time of pick-up, and information packets will go home with you and your puppy.  

Please place at least the minimum order for one of the options (A or B) on the Products page, at least one week prior to picking up your puppy.  That way you will have all the high-quality products you will need once you get your puppy home.  It is strongly recommended that you maintain your puppy on these products for life.

Please note: If a situation comes up for you, or you are not satisfied with any of the puppies from the litter, your deposit will not be refunded, but may be applied to the next upcoming litter or another litter of your liking within two years from the date of your original deposit. 

Deposit / Payment


Standard sized, first-generation (F1),  Goldendoodle puppies         $2500.00  
Medium sized, first-generation (F1),  Goldendoodle puppies           $2500.00  

Miniature sized, back-crossed (F1b) Goldendoodle puppies            $2500.00
AKC Golden Retriever (purebred) puppies                                      $2000.00 

AKC Poodle (purebred) puppies                                                       $2000.00

Older puppies or dogs with some training                           Priced Individually

Poodle Stud Service - To approved females, with recent negative Brucellosis test 

           Acadia's Mount Champlain (Champ)                       $1500.00  or  Pick of the Litter

           Acadia's Kebo Mountain (Kebo)                              $1500.00  or  Pick of the Litter

These AKC and GANA registered Standard Poodles (Moyen sized) are both proven studs.  Both have Eye, Heart, PennHip, Thyroid, and Patella clearances, and are tested yearly for Brucellosis.  Kebo also has OFA hip and elbow clearance.  Champ also has DNA clearance for all Poodle-profile diseases, plus 157 other diseases.