Option B

Premium Product Packages

Start your puppy off right by selecting 

Option A orOption B

​​You can find out more about each of these products by reading the information on the websites linked above, or by calling me.  I have done extensive research on the companies and the products as well as using them for my own dogs.

I don't have a video to show you about TLC or NuVet (yet), but below is a short video comparing the cost of Life's Abundance to some other premium foods.  The per day cost of TLC seems to be slightly less than Life's Abundance.  

Acadia Goldendoodles are raised on products from these three companies.  

In order to keep your puppy healthy, you will need to start off with one of the following:

Option A (one bottle of NuVet vitamins and a Healthy Start Pack from Life's Abundance)


Option B (TLC Puppy food and NuVet *K-9 wafers, *Puppy & Kitten Shampoo, *Ear cleaner, *Pet stain & odor remover, and *Soothing spray)  

Option A