Another great resource is the  Puppy Culture website.  They have DVD's and live stream videos which will help you understand your puppy's brain and development better than almost anything. 

Children and Puppies

Some of my favorite dog-training, puppy-raising expert authors are:  

Dr. Sophia Yin, Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, Susan Garrett, Jan Fennell, Dr. Karen Overall, and Cesar Millan, Puppy Culture, Karen Pryor, and Leslie McDevitt.  

I recommend reading anything they have written, watching YouTube videos, DVD's, etc.  While you will want to take your puppy to a class or two, it's also good to educate yourself as much as possible.

Below are some suggested reads.  Perfect Puppy in 7 Days is much cheaper HERE than on Amazon.

Raising Your Puppy  

Positive Dog Training