Kuranda Dog Beds

Acadia Goldendoodles are raised on products from Life's Abundance, NuVet, and TLC.  

In order to keep your puppy healthy, you will need to start off with the following:

Life's Abundance Healthy Start Pack

NuVet K-9 Wafers

After you get your puppy home and figure out how much food and how many treats s/he is going to need, you should adjust your auto-ship to include only the products you need to replenish, and to be shipped at the frequency you desire.  Ordering larger quantities, less often, will save you money on shipping.

Premium Products for your Puppy

Other Breeder-Approved Products 

TLC Puppy Food & Biscuits

Continuing to use the wide variety of premium food, treats, and products available from Life's Abundance will keep your puppy healthy and your vet bills low.  It will also keep you and your puppy safe from the contamination issues which cause frequent recalls of pet food.

However, if for some reason you or your puppy are not pleased with one of the products, or would just like to try something else, below are some other safe, breeder-approved foods, treats and pet-care products made by two companies you can trust, TLC and NuVet.

You can find out more about each of these products by reading the information on the websites linked above, or by calling me.  I have done extensive research on the companies and the products

as well as using them for my own dogs.