The products on this page are some of my favorites.  You may want to include them in your preparations for your new puppy.  I am trying to include some helpful information as well.   If you have ANY questions about preparing for your puppy, PLEASE feel free to call me.

Goldendoodles are fairly easy to maintain.  However, you will need to brush your dog regularly to prevent mats and to remove dead hairs.  The Goldendoodle will also need to be bathed from time to time.  It's a good idea to bathe and brush your puppy regularly to get him or her accustomed to these things so that you don't have behavior problems later.  You should use treats to encourage your puppy to be happy and well behaved during these sessions.  There is nothing cuter than a well-groomed Goldendoodle puppy!

Puppy and Travel Crates 

Brushing:  Try to brush your puppy every other, or every third day.  This will help keep them mat free, clean and beautiful.  Use the slicker (or pin) brush for this.  Start at the bottom, brushing a line of hair away and pulling that portion of hair down.  Then repeat on another section.  You want to see the skin with each line of hair.  Continue this up and around the dog.  If you find mats, try using the metal comb, or mat rake to remove it.  If those don't work, use scissors to cut the mat out. 

Crates for Grown-up Goldendoodles  

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