The products on this page are some of my favorites.  You may want to include them in your preparations for your new puppy.  I am trying to include some helpful information as well.   If you have ANY questions about preparing for your puppy, PLEASE feel free to call me.

Goldendoodles are fairly easy to maintain.  However, you will need to brush your dog regularly to prevent mats and to remove dead hairs.  You should have (and get your puppy used to) a pin brush, a metal comb, scissors, nail clippers and a mat rake.  There are pictures below, but no links for these.  Buy them locally and put your money back into your town's economy!

I'm going to admit something here which I am not proud of,

but which is absolutely true. 

I LOVE to give treats to my dogs. 

With over 10 dogs in the family, that can get pricey, but since I know their safety is at stake, I only buy the treats I know are safe!!  

Here are the treats I buy REGULARLY:

Dog Beds

Ridge Ranch Dog Antlers

Kuranda Dog Beds

Grooming & Grooming Tools