Acadia Goldendoodles

                           Contract of Sale and Health Guarantee

Agreement made between “Breeder”  Megan L. Smith, Acadia Goldendoodles, 
### Acrossthe Road, Some City, ME  046xx    (207) 669-0766 / (207) 244-0029


“Buyer(s)” __________________________________________________________  ___
Street Address ___________________________________________________________ 

City ___________________________State ________ Zip__________ 
Telephone___________________________E-mail__________________________       __
Breeder will sell Buyer the following Goldendoodle on this date:_____________                         

Dog’s Name:  Acadia’s                                                                                                
Birth Date:      Month, Day, Year              Color:                                            Sex:     Male / Female   
Microchip #:_______                                       ______________
Sired by:                                                                                                              AKC #                                                                 
Out of Dam:                                                                                                        AKC#                                           

Seller Guarantees:
Puppy is a first generation (f1), medium, Golden Retriever, Moyen Poodle cross.
Puppy is age-appropriately vaccinated and de-wormed.
Puppy has been examined by a veterinarian, and is believed to be healthy at the time of sale.
Puppy is warranted free of genetic hip, elbow, eye and heart problems until the age of 24 months.
The puppy has been micro-chipped.
That if this dog is found to have a life-threatening, or seriously life-altering hereditary defect of the hips, elbows, eyes or heart on at or before two years of age, as certified by a qualified veterinarian at Buyer’s expense, the Breeder will:
          replace the dog with a puppy of equal or greater value, 
           reimburse the Buyer’s veterinary expenses up to 75% of the original purchase price of the dog.

Prior to replacing the dog or reimbursing veterinary expenses, the Breeder has the right to:

           review all reports, x-rays and test results supplied by Buyer’s veterinarian, 
            require a second opinion from a veterinarian of Breeder’s choice at Breeder’s expense.

Note:  The dog does NOT need to be returned to Breeder in order for Buyer to receive a replacement puppy or reimbursement of veterinary expenses.  

If the dog is euthanized or in any way disposed of, without a second opinion from the Breeder’s veterinarian, the Buyer waives all rights to a replacement puppy or to any financial payment as compensation.

Buyer Guarantees:
To have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of arriving at Buyer’s home.  During this visit, please ask your veterinarian to scan and record the microchip number.
To pay purchase amount of $2,000.00 prior to taking possession of the puppy.
To bear all costs related to the transportation of the puppy/dog.  The risk of loss or injury to the above described animal is on the Buyer at all times after the puppy/dog leaves the Breeder.     
To have the dog neutered at or before 24 months of age.
To notify the Breeder if Buyer is at anytime unable to keep the dog.  Acadia Goldendoodles puppies/dogs should never end up in a second home or animal shelter.  Breeder will attempt to re-home the dog to an approved home, after providing any necessary rehabilitation or training.  Buyer will receive 50% of the selling price if Breeder is able to re-sell the dog, understanding that older dogs are usually sold at lower prices than puppies.  If an appropriate home is not found, the dog will continue to live with Breeder and no reimbursement will be issued. 
Not to let this dog roam at large or be tied outside the home.
To properly house, care for (using Breeder recommended, Life’s Abundance, T.L.C. and NuVet products), train and exercise the dog, while providing appropriate veterinary care throughout the life of the dog.

                               Original Price of dog/puppy:      $ 2500.00   
                               Minus Deposit:                              $   500.00          
                               Remaining Amount:                     $ 2000.00

                               State of Maine Sales Tax:             $   137.50 

                               Total Due at Pick up                    $  2637.50      Remember - If paying by check, total amount is                                                                                                                                                  due 2 weeks prior to pick up date.


The warranty set forth in this contract is the sole warranty and is given in lieu of any and all warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.  The Buyer’s sole remedy is under the warranty provision of this contract and the Seller disclaims and will not be liable for any other damages including consequential damages, property damage, emotional distress, loss of use, business interruption or veterinary fees unless specifically set forth in this warranty provision.

This contract sets forth the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer and any inconsistent oral terms have no effect on this contract.

If there is any dispute or litigation between Breeder and Buyer, the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.  

I/We the buyer(s) of the puppy/dog described in this Contract of Sale and Warranty declare that I/we understand and agree with the terms of this contract.


Buyer(s): __________________________________    Date: ____________

                 __________________________________     Date: ____________

Seller:   ___________________________________     Date: ____________