State of Maine License # F1601


We are responsible breeders providing premium-quality Goldendoodle puppies to qualified buyers.  We may occasionally offer purebred Golden Retrievers or Poodles with excellent bloodlines.  

Our mission is to provide families with the best possible dogs as companion, therapy, or competition animals.  

We live, and raise our dogs, on 35 acres of woods, streams, a pond, and fields in Seal Cove, Maine.  Our dogs enjoy hiking in Acadia National Park, swimming in the ocean and local lakes, going for long, off-leash walks/runs on our trails, and hanging out in the house with us.​  They add tremendous joy to our lives, and we love sharing that joy with others. 

We raise our puppies using the Avidog and Puppy Culture protocols with adaptations based on our own research and experience.  We use products from Life's Abundance, TLC and NuVet.  Our dogs enjoy toys from Planet Dog, Nylabone, Kong and Chuck-It, in addition to toys we make for them.   

In an attempt to minimize our impact on the planet, we compost, re-use and re-cycle.  We try not to purchase plastic items for the dogs (but some dog toys are a necessity).  We compost the waste, except for what is bagged on walks.  Towels, rags, pads and blankets are used whenever possible instead of bleached, processed paper products.

Goldendoodle Association of North America